Why Every Office Needs a Bottleless Water Cooler

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bottleless water cooler

Having clean, filtered, fresh drinking water ready for your workforce is the most economical, environmentally friendly, and convenient way to hydrate your staff.

A water cooler prevents the need for unnecessary single-use plastic; it keeps your workforce healthy and looks great in the office. A permanent water cooler removes the logistics and expense of keeping up with a regular supply of bottled water, giving your company one less thing to worry about.

We firmly believe every office needs a bottleless water cooler for 2021.

Water Coolers are Environmentally Friendly  

In a world where sustainability is paramount, bottleless water is an easy and straightforward solution for both businesses and individuals.

Globally, billions of single-use plastic bottles are consumed every year, and it takes all of us doing our part to make a serious change. There are no doubts that single-use plastic bottles changed the world's drinking habits. While they might initially have encouraged a step forward, we now know and understand the negative effects.

In addition to the single-use plastic, you are also decreasing the fuel needed and road congestion created, in order to regularly transport the bottles to your business premises.

Although there are many steps businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage more sustainable living, switching to a bottleless water cooler is an easy and relatively inexpensive option.

Water Coolers Make Hydration Streamlined

Having an office water cooler streamlines the process of providing drinking water for your staff. Not only do you no longer have to worry about stock control and ordering water, but you do not have the stress of making regular payments.  

Water coolers generally work on an annual payment basis, so you will simply have one invoice per year to consider. Removing the stress of managing yet another account.

A Bottleless Water Cooler Saves Space

Providing a continuous stream of bottled water for your workforce inevitably takes up a lot of your space. Space is a luxurious commodity in most modern-day offices, and with co-working spaces becoming a norm, saving space is a clear priority for many companies.

Water coolers take up very little space yet provide constant drinking water for the whole office. Additionally, water coolers are fast to install and require very little maintenance. Meaning, once the cooler is installed, you do not need to give it much thought at all.

Create a Water Cooler Moment

We are not suggesting that a healthy workplace is one that encourages gossip.

Television and movies present 'water cooler moments' as co-workers sharing stories and shocking anecdotes from weekends gone by. However, having a place in the office for staff to communicate, grab a couple of minutes with each other, and share a recreational break is great for overall productivity.

Gatherings at the watercooler are not always moments of gossip but can create a proactive discussion and encourage motivation throughout the team. It gives colleagues the chance to reflect on the work they are doing and bounce ideas around. Offering an opportunity for concepts to be sparked and workforce bonds to be created.

It is Cost-Effective

It does not take much time for the price of bottled water to surpass the annual payment of a water cooler for the office.

Water coolers decrease wastage, as each person takes simply what they need, reducing the chance of any part empty bottles being discarded.

Additionally, meeting the recommended water intake will lead to a healthier and happier workforce. Creating a comfortable and healthy environment for your staff will undoubtedly lessen sick leave and hopefully help to reduce staff turnover.

Bottleless Water Coolers Make Better Tasting Water

Drinking water is a basic commodity that needs to be provided for in every working environment. So why not level it up. Delicious, filtered drinking water will keep you and your workforce happy.

Tap water is not always safe for drinking, and in some parts of the UK simply does not taste good. Having a reliable bottleless water cooler ensures your staff have great tasting water at their fingertips every day.

Dehydration Decreases Productivity

Many studies have shown that dehydration leads to a build-up of cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone.

A stressed workforce can cause enormous problems for your business. Professionally, it may cause them to miss deadlines or submit substandard work.

Providing fresh, cold, tasty water is a relatively simple step you can take to make the lives of your co-workers and friends a little more enjoyable.

The Many Benefits of a Hydrated Workforce

Hydration boosts personal hygiene

  • Of course, as an employer, you are not responsible for the personal hygiene of your employees. However, having refreshing drinking water readily accessible will certainly reduce bad breath in the office. Creating a more comfortable environment for all and reducing the need for any uncomfortable conversations.

Water increases energy levels.

  • Our energy comes from both food and water. Humans can survive a surprising amount of time without food but remove a water source, and the repercussions are noticeable almost immediately.
  • Water cools down the brain, preventing yawning.
  • Afternoon' slumps' are common in offices. Motivation will often drop after lunch, with employees feeling lethargic after eating. Re-hydrating the body will boost energy to enable the workforce to power through the afternoon effectively.

Being hydrated puts you in a better mood and decreases stress levels.

  • Putting aside the benefits of a more efficient workforce, staying hydrated will undoubtedly put your staff in a better mood. The transmitters and hormones in our brains are almost entirely dependant on water and can not be relied upon to work without it.
  • A happier workforce is generally more fun to be around, making the environment better for both you and your employees.

With the endless benefits stated above, there is no reason you should delay getting a water cooler for your office. Call Kings Water on 020 8224 9654 or email [email protected] for a no-obligation site survey.