Water Boilers To Hire In London



Water boilers to rent in London

As a leading supplier of water boilers in London, Kings Watercoolers are perfectly positioned to ensure your business or organisation has constant access to hot water for tea, coffee and other warming refreshments. No matter where you are based in London or the South East our experienced team are ready to help, supporting schools, offices, film production companies, industrial sites and much more. Our systems are stylish, cost effective and efficient, supported by year-round packages that ensure you enjoy fantastic value.

Why hire water boilers in London?

Water boilers offer the perfect solution to many types of businesses operating in London. Renting one for the office ensures staff have fast access to hot water that can be poured without delay. It’s important workers feel they can remain easily hydrated throughout the day, leading to higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

Aside from their time saving abilities, hiring water boilers in London will help improve safety in the workplace. Each system comes with a safety lock to prevent hot water accidents and also means kettles do not need to be boiled, lowering the chances of anyone being burned or scolded.

Water boilers keep water at a similar temperature to kettles but for a longer period of time, which will help manage energy bills. And with less water being boiled, you create a greener footprint, further adding to your positive company image.

All our water boilers are mains fed, which means you always have access to a constant supply of hot water. A kettle can only hold so much, which means only a limited amount of people can pour a hot drink at any given time. A water boiler delivers the perfect solution, cutting wait times and staff frustration to create a happier workplace.

Our packages for water boilers in London

At Kings Watercoolers we are experienced enough to know that every business has its own demands. It’s why we take the time to understand your requirements to offer the perfect package. When you hire one of our water boilers in London you benefit from the following:

  • Free trial period: We want you to get the most out of your product which is why we allow you to test it for a limited period. It’s non-committal, so if it isn’t right for your company simply let us know and we’ll remove the system without fuss.
  • Free site assessment: It’s important you get to learn a little more about us and our installation team to understand the full scale of your requirements. After conducting our free site survey we’ll put together a comprehensive quote detailing all the costs involved so there are no last minute surprises.
  • Easy installation: Our water boilers in London are quick and easy to install, usually taking no longer than 45 minutes per unit. That means we can usually have your new systems in place and operational on the same day.
  • Free maintenance: Included as standard in all our water boiler packages are servicing visits twice a year, ensuring the system remains clean and sanitised to optimise performance and keep hot water flowing right without issue.
  • Short-term contracts: Not everyone wants to sign up to a long-term contract as budgets and financial commitments often change. It’s something we take into consideration at Kings Watercoolers, with short-term contracts available to suit the needs of your business.
  • Emergency repairs: In the unlikely event we are called out to repair a fault with a water boiler system, we do everything possible to resolve the issue in one visit. If this is not possible we will offer a replacement unit so you are not left waiting.

We don’t just supply water boilers in London

Our water boilers are in constant demand in London, helping businesses both large and small with our innovative hydration solutions.

However, we are recognised as more than just a supplier of water boilers in London. We also offer cutting-edge water coolers for schools, offices and a wide variety of spaces, complete with generous packages at competitive rates, with annual servicing also included.

Let us know what your requirements are and we can suggest the most suitable system to suit your business. Our mains-fed water coolers are cost effective and hygienic and available for hire in London and the South East right now.