Water coolers for schools



Why use water coolers for schools?

Installing water coolers for schools offers a fantastic range of benefits that will help both students and teachers alike.

The NHS recommend that children of all age groups drink a minimum amount of water per day, with 1-3 year-olds needing one litre, 4 to 8-year-olds requiring 1.2 litres and kids aged over 9 needing at least 1.5 litres per day.

For adults, this rises to around 2 litres per day, which means everyone in the school needs easy access to source of sustainable, clean and healthy water.

It is easy to forget that until the late 1990s access to drinking water wasn’t so readily available in schools across the UK. The introduction of the Healthy Schools Programme helped to change all that and now it is a minimum expectation of most parents.

Water coolers and water boilers for schools enable everyone to drink the water they need to remain hydrated through the day. We’ve supplied countless high capacity watercoolers to schools in the South East and across the country, our machines able to deliver up to 40 litres of water per hour, while offering an immediate draw off of 120 cups.

This enables students to refill their sports bottles throughout the day, while teachers are able to do the same in staff rooms and common rooms when in need of a refreshing brew. We supply three-quarter sized fountains that are suitable for younger students, along with wall brackets for easy installation and leak detectors. Just as importantly, they feature SIPP sanitising systems that self-sanitise the cooler’s reservoir, maintaining the health of everyone who uses it.

Do water boilers for schools improve learning?

There has been a lot of research conducted about the benefits of drinking water and one of the most notable improvements it makes is to your concentration.

It’s easy to forget that our bodies are comprised of around 60% water, depending on your genetics or gender. Water plays big role in our supporting our bodily functions, and countless studies have shown how water maintains – and improves – our ability to focus on the job at hand.

That means whether it’s in the classroom, sports field or exam hall, students that have access to water will be more attentive and focussed throughout the day.

At Kings Watercoolers our packages are designed to help you get the most from your water coolers and boilers. This includes providing a free site survey to get a clearer understanding of the school layout and where the systems can be installed.

We typically offer free installation for units positioned within 30 metres from the nearest mains point, while the cost of our rental package ensures you are covered for maintenance, bi-annual service visits and any filter changes required. Contracts are available for an initial 12 months, or longer, if required, giving you greater control over the machines.

When installing water coolers for schools we aim to create minimal disruption to the school day. Where the mains water and electric are located relatively close to the proposed installation site we can typically have the unit in place in as little as 45 minutes.

Water boilers for schools offer significant cost savings

You need to get the most out of the school budget and investing in a range of water coolers for schools – especially mains fed coolers – is an effective way to cut costs.

Bottled water cooler solutions can prove to be a more expensive option compared to plumbed in systems. It means not having to continually spend on refills and potential maintenance issues that can occur, with the water being supplied directly via the mains system.

Another huge plus that comes with switching to water cooler systems is the lower carbon footprint you’ll create. A mains-fed system means there is no need for bottles, which although can be recycled, still has an impact on the environment.

Projecting a green image is becoming increasingly important, especially for parents when they are selecting schools for their children. They want to be reassured that the school their children attends promotes the right values to kids at such an impressionable age, and water coolers help you demonstrate a commitment to creating a greener world.

From primaries and secondary’s, to colleges and universities, Kings Watercoolers are recognised as a premier provider of water coolers and water boilers for schools in the South East. We also offer a free trial with no obligation to buy, so you can test the quality of our systems for a fixed period of time.